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    Feel free to reply to this thread with websites that you find useful as a math teacher.
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    “Welcome to the world's largest online math community! Read about our renowned Art of Problem Solving textbooks and our challenging online school for gifted math students, then join our free math forum for avid math students, teachers, and parents.” 
    “National Assessment & Testing administers high quality, affordable mathematics competitions for high school math teams and honor societies. Our contests cover a wide range of topics, difficulties, and formats in order to provide both confidence and challenges to students of all abilities.” 
    Pastelina Games:
    Classic Interactive Logic Puzzles adapted for the Internet. 
    Free puzzles:
    Educational and recreational puzzles for teachers, students and parents. 1000 puzzles collected, including Geometry, Logic, Math, Misc, Weight and Moves categories. Every puzzle has an image, hint and solution. Be a member for puzzle solutions. is a leading website dedicated to helping students, teachers and parents learn, practice, and understand essential math skills. 
    The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive.
    According to Mathew Crawford, director and founder of MIST Academy, "contests are one of the very best ways to enrich the educational experiences of bright students." Check out his page to see an ongoing list of both Alabama and Nationa math contests!

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