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Alabama State Mathematics Contest, Round 1 Written Examination <various locations>, February 22, 2014

Miranda Bowie
University of North Alabama
Assistant Contest Director

Cynthia Stenger
University of North Alabama
Contest Director

Geometry, Algebra II, Comprehensive
Alabama State Mathematics Contest, Round 2 Ciphering March 15, 2014
<by qualification only> Comprehensive

In the first round, students take written tests at one of eight regional sites. Based on the results of the written Comprehensive test from the first round, selected schools are invited to participate in a second round ciphering tournament.

Copies of previous written tests and ciphering questions can be obtained from the Contest Director, from the contest web site, or from some issues of the ALABAMA JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS beginning in 1981.

In 1979, ACTM and AACTM recommended that a mathematics activity be designed to appeal to a wider segment of good mathematics students than the existing competitions. The two organizations agreed to jointly sponsor a statewide contest each year as one of their major projects.

The major purposes of the contest are to stimulate interest in mathematics among all students and to recognize the achievements of outstanding mathematics programs and students.

There are three written tests: Comprehensive, Geometry, and Algebra II with Trigonometry. Any student may take the Comprehensive test, but the test is most appropriate for students who will have completed both Algebra II with Trigonometry and Geometry by the end of the school year. To take the Geometry or Algebra II with Trigonometry tests, students must be currently enrolled in the appropriate classes. Special Rule for block-scheduled schools: Students who are currently enrolled in mathematics courses must follow the rules given above. Students who are not currently enrolled in mathematics courses may compete as if they were currently enrolled in their most recent mathematics course, provided they took that class during the current academic year. Schools are classified according to enrollment and compete in one of three divisions.

All Academic Magnet Schools must compete in Division I.

Division I -- 6A
Division II -- 4A, 5A
Division III -- 1A, 2A , 3A

Division I -- Those offering calculus
Division II -- Those offering one year of math beyond Algebra II with Trigonometry and Geometry
Division III -- All others

Division I --More than 225 students
Division II -- Less than 225 students

A school may field teams for one, two, or all three tests. There is no minimum number of students required to field a team for a test. For each test, a school's team score is the sum of its four highest individual scores.

Each school desiring to enter students in the contest should designate one person as the official Team Sponsor. This Team Sponsor shall be responsible for filing the official School Enrollment Form, arranging payment for the test, and conducting all necessary correspondence with the Contest Director. The School Enrollment Form appears at the official contest website. It should be filled in completely and mailed as soon as possible. Please try to register by February 1st of each year. Upon receipt of the School Enrollment Form, each school will be assigned to a Division and a District. Identification numbers for schools and students will not be assigned until the day of the contest. Acknowledgements of registration will be sent only to schools which register by the deadline of February 1st. Late registrants desiring confirmation of their registrations are advised to obtain delivery confirmation from the U.S. Post Office. Team Sponsors are urged to submit School Enrollment Forms as soon as possible to permit orderly organization and administration of the contest.

A non-refundable fee of $10.00 plus $5.00 per participating student will be charged to each participating school. Payment of the entrance fee will be due with the registration form. Math Team Sponsors are urged to seek payment from school funds. Please make checks payable to: ALABAMA COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS.

On the testing day in February, each student will report to the Testing Site corresponding to his or her school's district to take one of the three written tests. Each test begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 11:00 AM. The testing sites will open at 8:00 AM, and students should arrive by 8:30 AM so that the testsmay start and end on time.
• Each student should bring at least two (2) sharpened No. 2 pencils. Hand calculators are NOT allowed.
• Each student will be allowed to keep his or her copy of the test without charge. An additional copy of the test will be provided for each Team Sponsor.
The test will consist of problems or questions to which five multiple choice answers are given. Proctors at each Testing Site will provide an answer sheet for each student and will explain to the students how to determine their identification numbers. The answer sheets will be computer scored during the following week.

Second round competition will be held in April for the Comprehensive level only. All teams which are District winners* in the first round Comprehensive competition will be invited to a second round ciphering tournament. Additional high-scoring teams will be invited "at large" to complete a field of up to 16 teams in each Division. For further information about the second round, contact the Contest Director or see the contest web site.

Detailed results of the contest will be compiled and mailed to each participating school following each round of the competition. A summary of the results will be included in the ALABAMA JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS and on the contest web site.

For outstanding performance in the contest, awards will be given in each Division as follows:
1. In both the first and second round: trophies to the top four teams, plaques to the next four teams, and certificates to other teams in the top 50% statewide.
2. Trophies to all District winners.*
3. Certificates to all teams participating in the second round.
4. Trophies to the individuals who place first, second, and third in the state in the first round.
5. In each District, certificates to individuals finishing first, second, or third and to individuals finishing in the top 25% statewide.

For outstanding performance in the contest, awards will be given in each Division as follows:
1. Trophies to the top three teams, plaques to the next three teams, and certificates to other teams in the top 50% statewide.
2. Trophies to all District winners.*
3. Trophies to the individuals who place first, second, and third in the state.
4. In each District, certificates to individuals finishing first, second, or third and to individuals finishing in
the top 25% statewide.

*A team which is the only team in its Division and District must be in the top half of its Division to be
declared the District winner.

See the contest web site ( or contact the Contest Director.
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